mangiAcasa - Your personal chef throughout Tuscany


How can I make reservation for mangiAcasa?

Fill out the contact form on our website or send a direct e-mail.

What does the service of mangiAcasa consists of?

Our service consists of making the journey to your holiday home, doing the groceries, preparing dinner at your holiday home, serving the meal and tidying the kitchen. All other requirements are negotiable!

What does mangiAcasa need from me?

It is important that you provide us with detailed directions (If available a GPS coordinate) to your vacation address, a phone number where you (even when on holiday) can be reached, your menu selection and number of guests. If you have any dietary requirements please inform us as soon as possible so that we are able to take this into account.

What does mangiAcasa’s schedule look like?

We’ll arrive at your holiday home about an hour and a half before dinner time. We’ll leave when dinner is finished and the kitchen is clean.

What does mangiAcasa need from your holiday home?

We need a (clean) kitchen, a (4-burner) stove, oven, some space in both refrigerator and freezer and enough chairs, plates, glasses, dishes and cutlery to serve you and your party.

Do I need to be present when mangiAcasa arrives?

No, this is not necessary, we don’t mind to make a head start while you're still enjoying Tuscany. As long as you provide us with the information about how to gain access to your kitchen.
What is important is that you arrive on time for the approved Dinner time. As an old italian saying goes: guests wait for the pasta, pasta doesn’t wait for the guests….

My holiday home is just outside of Tuscany, can I still make a reservation for mangiAcasa?

Please contact us for further information!

Me and my party can’t decide on one menu, how can this problem be solved?

Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Why do I need the service mangiAcasa is providing?