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Extra options

If you want, you can add these items to extend your menu.

E1 Pasticci € 3,50 pp
Home made pistachio- and almond cookies
E2 Formaggio misto € 7,50 pp
A variety of cheeses from the region
E3 Aperol Spritz € 4,00 pp
Cocktail of Aperol and prosecco
E4 Sgroppino € 4,00 pp
Lemon sorbet “smoothie” with prosecco, wodka and cream
E5 Limoncello € 15,00 bottle 0,5 ltr
Home made limoncello
E6 Crostata di frutta di stagione € 27,50 (8 persons)
Almond pie with seasonal fruits
E7 Torta di cioccolato € 27,50 (8 persons)
Chocolate pie (gluten free!)

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