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Remko is cooking

When I came to Siena for the first time as a child with my parents, I seem to have whispered: "Later, when I grow up, I want to live here." That idea has lingered for years and after completing high school I studied a magical year in Siena Renaissance art history and Italian. Then I won a scholarship for a university in the extreme south, Reggio Calabria. For the wine and olive harvest I often returned to Tuscany, Volterra. All the student houses where I once lived, I socially cooked together. Cooking is thus the greatest art form of all and I have been able to put it into practice later in restaurants in Calabria, Tuscany, France and Spain. I have been able to transfer the knowledge gained to chefs in China. My passionate love for Italy sought more outputs, which led to four books: a bundle of stories about student life in Calabria, 'Dancing on volcanoes,' a travel guide about Sicily, one about Tuscany and a novel that takes place in Siena and Volterra: "Silent glare." Everywhere in the world are beautiful women and good food, but in Italy those things are still superior to the Supreme Being. If I were allowed to drag you into at least the second part of that statement, that would be a great pleasure.

Remko Tekke